Creative thinking + pragmatic HR outcomes

When I look back on my career as an Human Resources Director, three things stand out as the most satisfying:

  1. Building and maintaining the respect of partners in three law firms through adding value to the firm from better recruitment and retention outcomes, and by identifying and solving their HR problems.
  2. Mentoring and coaching my staff to provide them with the experience and skills to become confident and successful professionals. I treasure the memories of the appreciation my staff have given to me.
  3. Consistently being strategic and objective in developing business cases for HR strategic initiatives and to improve administrative operations.

Quick to pick up on the dominant cultural and political influences, I work with individuals and teams to resolve disputes and achieve outcomes that are in the best interests of the firm.

I collaborate with high profile people to tailor solutions to their particular HR needs, striving to maintain operational and strategic policy consistency… while being pragmatic at all times.

People tell me that I’m very good at communicating the nature of a problem and exploring potential solutions that results in shared agreement on the way forward, and support during its implementation.

In short, I work with people to develop creative or pragmatic solutions to their HR issues – whether that’s at the business level strategic direction or operational efficiency, or whether it is mentoring and coaching individuals to lift their performance and management skills.

Most people know me as Kate Clark, but with our move back to New Zealand I shall be using my birth and married names Cate Roberts.

Cate Roberts





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