Project management

Others describe me as being well organised. I’m known for getting things done. So not surprisingly, the second major string to my bow is project management. I’ve have over 20 years of project management experience on offer.

I gained valuable experience in managing projects where the team organised major events such as workshops with over 100 participants, coordinating contributions from colleagues, experts and external stakeholders and delivering on required outcomes (all on time and on budget).

On one occasion, a colleague and I developed a ‘master project’ gantt chart of all organisational projects to calculate resource capacity utilisation & to facilitate prioritisation.

During the project design phase I fall naturally into thinking about the flow of tasks to deliver on project milestones, who is responsible for what and costs (or a cost/benefit analysis if appropriate). That process often involves chatting to other project contributors to agree on tasks and timing.

In my blog posting about influencing others to engage in reflection and to adapt to changing circumstances, I stated that I’m good at asking the right questions. That applies to project management too. Invite me in to facilitate a project pre-mortem, where we preemptively identify issues that may go wrong, and work out ways to manage those risks.

Contact me to discuss your project management needs, whether that’s just project design or managing a project – I may well save you time and money.

Paul Roberts




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