Strategic collaboration

Cate recently finished our first contract – it was for a national NZ sports body assisting with an organisational restructure to align with their strategic goals. Interestingly, we got the job via Cate’s Australian network, and in association with Left Field Sports Solutions.

In the first instance Cate and I collaborated on reviewing the organisational review consultation paper, clarifying the strategic intent and outlining concisely how the initiative aligned with the agreed Strategic Plan. This was an important task as it not only communicated to staff the purpose and benefits behind the move, it was a key part of building internal support for the proposed changes, and to get feedback from those directly affected.

Cate worked closely with the CEO, Left Field Sports Solutions and the organisation’s lawyers and played an influential role in getting the initiative over the line and successfully implemented.  Cate must have left a good impression as she has now been retained as part of the Left Field team to review policies and procedures, and to provide strategic HR advice as required to the sports body.

Cate was very pleased to confirm that her HR skills – developed and honed largely in a legal firm background – were transferable to another industry.

Our first task working together as Third Horizon Advisers confirmed that our skills are complementary and we work well as a team.


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