Third Horizon Advisors is a business created by Paul and Cate Roberts as a channel to offer business consulting services to small or medium sized business and other interested organisations.


Paul Roberts offers experience working in the private and public sectors in New Zealand and Australia with particular skills in:

  • Systems thinking – identifying and understanding the elements of a system that influence one another
  • Strategic thinking – developing foresight through horizon scanning and analysis to inform strategic action
  • Project management – with particular experience in working with multiple stakeholders and in cross-organisation coordination
  • Research and analysis – economic, financial and social research and analysis.

Paul has worked on strategic issues with senior executives in industry and government, with cabinet ministers and analysts in the communications and media, transport and seafood industries. Paul is a very good listener and is great at asking the right questions.



Cate has been the Human Resources Director for legal firms in New Zealand and Australia, with particular skills in:

  • Influencing people – to achieve outcomes that are in the best interests of the firm
  • Resolving disputes – and finding pragmatic solutions to problems
  • Using a collaborative working style
  • Working with highly intelligent, very senior people – improving their management, interpersonal and personal management skills.

Cate has been responsible for recruitment and retention, performance management, learning and development, talent management and career planning, and contributing to overall management and strategic planning activities.

While having lived in Melbourne, Australia, for the last sixteen years – and loved it – Paul and Cate have now returned to New Zealand to live and have built a new eco-home in Matakana Village, just north of Auckland.